TPPR in 2016

You may have noticed a huge lacuna in the blog postings. There has been nothing sinister in this. At first, we rather liked our extensive interview with Arab News Network and thought that it served us well to keep it prominent for a few months.

Then, we were fully caught up in a number of projects about which it was not easy to write and maintain confidentiality - continuing work on reputational matters related to libel and defamation, the forthcoming Referendum on British membership of the European Union, the refugee crisis and events in Russia and the Ukraine.

That is a large spread of interest and very demanding but a great deal of work has gone into building our information and intelligence systems over the last six months and we have finally decided to disconnect TPPR and PendryWhite operationally. As very separate businesses, they can now follow their own natural trajectories. PendryWhite will increasingly concentrate on strategic marketing support and web presence management.

Our indirect interest in Exaro News persists. The reputation management skills of our Chairman were useful during November's direct assault on it (and on Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and the Metropolitan Police) over its coverage of the alleged VIP child abuse scandal. The attack was chased off. Exaro emerged stronger than ever and in an even better position to widen its story base with a recent renewed commitment to business stories and an expansion of its team.

There is nothing to report here on our involvement in the food security issue other than to draw wider attention to the strongest El Nino yet recorded (according to some observers) and we never discuss the details of our libel and defamation support activity other than to say that we are pleased that our online reputational support systems have proved robust in battle more than once over the last two to three years.

Our role in the European Referendum has been as adviser to components of the Leave campaign on strategy, especially in relation to the Left. It gives no secrets away to say that the situation is more than confused on all sides. The nationalist Right seems to have a peculiar inability to understand simple democratic socialist arguments for a 'leave' position - and yet there is no victory for the advocates of 'Brexit' without a substantial shift of votes within the Left in defiance of its own leadership. If the case is lost, it will be because of rampant egoism on the Populist Right.

We are also working on two projects whose detail must stay confidential but which I would hope to report on in later postings. The first is the development of a vehicle to help use educated refugee talent to resolve some of the issues that are creating a major political crisis within Europe. The second involves a network of relationships in London, Kiev and Moscow with long-range solutions for defusing that particular crisis. Who ever said we took on the easy jobs ...


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