TPPR and its Blog

The TPPR Blog analyzes current events that are relevant to its client base. We also cosponsor Internationalist Future, a new and independent think tank designed to explore policy options in the new era of populism and neo-nationalism.

Sometimes our postings may seem radical and provocative. Our view is that clients are not best served by group think in the age of the internet. We want the blog to reflect our commitment to analyses based on realism about any situation we are tasked to monitor.

TPPR is a reputation management and strategic advisory service.  Our website will tell you more about what we do and the services we offer. You can also follow us on Twitter and visit our LinkedIn company page. Watch our videos on YouTube.

One of our key skill sets is political intelligence and analysis. We were one of the few advisory units to predict the political consequences of the 2008 economic crisis.

We've decided not to enable comments on our posts, but we welcome dialogue. So drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.