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December 2014

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Ebola and British Politics

The first case of Ebola in the UK is following the trajectory of recent American cases – headline hysteria and a rear guard action to reassure the public. ... read more..

Putting Terror Acts In Context

Today’s headlines are dominated by an incident in the centre of Sydney, Australia, involving an armed gunman and about 15 hostages. ... read more..

The Valdai Club, Realism & Anti-Determinism

The Valdai Club is proving to be an interesting source of information and papers on international relations and a bit of a home from home for ‘realists’. Founded in Russia and patronised by Putin hims... read more..

Engage! - New PendryWhite Web Analytics Add-On

Sister agency PendryWhite has introduced a new add-on audience engagement service for clients. Called Engage! it presents similar website data to those available through other web analytics tools but ... read more..