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February 2016

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The New Ukrainian Realism

For objective Ukraine-watchers there is not much alternative to considering the country a bit of a basket case, not a failed State but one that is failing and not for reasons that can be laid entirely... read more..

Syria - From Civil War to Regional War?

On February 6th, we commented on the dangers of Sunni military intervention in the affairs of Syria in an allied blog published by the NGO The Next Century Foundation. ... read more..

Labour's Creative Chaos

The sturm und drang surrounding the Parliamentary Labour Party [PLP] in recent months is only part of Labour's political story. ... read more..

Brexit - A National Brain Fog

Prime Minister Cameron has returned to London with a 'deal' designed to avoid Brexit. The mood in Britain strikes us as 'unimpressed'. The Tory Party was clearly unhappy. ... read more..