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April 2016

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The Politics of the Panama Papers

One of the frustrations that business has had lately is in dealing with public perception of the 'tax question'. ... read more..

The Saudi Question

After the Soviet Union collapsed, it became clear that Western analysts had known very little about how its system had actually operated. ... read more..

The English Question

This posting is not about the Brexit vote but about the United Kingdom. No, really! ... read more..

Brexit - The Vote That Will Settle Nothing

It is time to return to the Brexit issue with a very heavy heart. In the next few days, the Electoral Commission will decide which campaigns for Stay or Remain in Europe will get the designation that ... read more..

Journalism's New Business Model?

Journalists have been worried for some time about their jobs, not so much about being able to work at something but about how much they are going to get paid for it and how reliably. ... read more..