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May 2016

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Culture, Progress and Corporate Social Responsibility

We were invited on Saturday to an afternoon's conference on the intangible heritage of the Nubian Nile valley (currently split between Egyptian and Sudanese sovereignty). ... read more..

Brexit, Broad Space and Deep Time

Well under six weeks to go yet the public seem to be unenthusiastic about June 23rd. Both sides are almost neck and neck in the polls with around 14% undecided. ... read more..

Crisis Prediction - Anticipating Trouble Ahead

It is time to remind readers of what TPPR does. There are many very large agencies that offer crisis management services for large corporations. ... read more..

Stop-Gap Policy: Europe & the Refugees

According to the Financial Times this morning, the European Commission may tomorrow (Wednesday) propose a draconian penalty of 250,000 Euros per refugee where a member country refuses to share the ove... read more..