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Sound & Fury Signifies ... Little

In the week since our last post, we have not changed our view that the tectonic plates of British politics are settling around acceptance of Brexit. Of course, there are always aftershocks. ... read more..

The Tectonic Plates Start To Settle

It would be too much to hope that politics would come to a shuddering halt with the high summer but the tectonic plates that are the two main political parties are beginning to settle into place once ... read more..

Labour & Brexit - Shifting Sands

Policy Exchange, notionally non-partisan but in fact a broadly centre-right think tank, offered a platform last night to Professor Richard Tuck, the Newcastle-born political theorist based at Harvard.... read more..

Shoved Under The Carpet - Migration

The G20 Communique issued on July 8th has a standard issue policy on co-ordination and co-operation on displacement and migration. ... read more..

Public Sector Pay - Who Will Run The Tory Party?

The policy squabble over public sector pay within the Tory Cabinet might confuse some observers. ... read more..

Government Stability and the Prospects for Brexit

The shift from a potential strong and stable Government to one that is weak and perhaps unstable does not need much more commentary. ... read more..

The Dead Accuse A Failed System

The tragic deaths in the Grenfell Tower disaster last week are of considerable political importance. ... read more..

Brexit on Track & Unexpected Consequences

There are many lessons to be drawn from last week's election result. One of these is that the print media no longer matter very much any more except as fodder for social media comment and argument. ... read more..

Final Observations - General Election 2017

Only a fool predicts an election result nowadays. The classic shared error was 1997. ... read more..

Tracking the Polls - General Election 2017

Opinion polling has ostensibly 'become more sophisticated' year on year yet it failed to predict accurately any of the major earthquakes of 2016. ... read more..

Could Britain Turn Socialist?

Three weeks on from our last posting, Labour appears to be closing the gap with the Tories who are losing some momentum. read more..

The Mood Music of a General Election

Our instinct has been to say little during the current UK election. Specific predictions are a mug's game. It is not what we do in any case. ... read more..

We Were Wrong! The June Election

Well, we were wrong about an election before 2020, although so was nearly everyone else. ... read more..

Distrust and the New Cold War

Trump's decision, on ostensibly humanitarian grounds, five days ago to bomb a Syrian military airfield has had some of the most complex effects on public opinion yet seen in a Presidential action of t... read more..

The Art of Ruling & Being Ruled

Our associate Valery Morozov has secured an interesting interview with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Tory Cabinet Minister and a leading figure in Mrs Thatcher's Administration. ... read more..

The Invocation of Article 50 and Collective Security

Prime Minister May's letter to the President of the European Council, invoking Article 50 and ending months of uncertainty, represented the very best of civil service drafting. ... read more..

May May Go to The Country in May?

Parliament is abuzz with rumours of a General Election in May 2017. ... read more..

The Weakness of Remain

This evening it is highly probable (though not certain) that the Conservative Government will see through the final reading of its Article 50 Bill with no amendments. ... read more..

The Crisis on the Western Left

Labour's Leader (Jeremy Corbyn), preferred by the membership in two successive internal elections, appears to be part of the problem when it comes to making Labour electable following a very bad resul... read more..

Internationalist Future - The Trump Card!

TPPR is now co-sponsor of a think tank start-up designed for what looks to be a new era in international relations - it is called Internationalist Future. ... read more..

The Disintermediation Project

It is only two weeks since the inauguration of Donald Trump. ... read more..

The Geo-Political Logic of National Democratic Populism

Last Wednesday the Economic Research Council, a think tank which promotes education in and debate around economics, had its first talk of 2017 ... read more..

When Psychological Operations Fail

The conflict between President-Elect Donald Trump and the Western intelligence community is a struggle over the right conduct of international relations. ... read more..