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July 2017

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The Tectonic Plates Start To Settle

It would be too much to hope that politics would come to a shuddering halt with the high summer but the tectonic plates that are the two main political parties are beginning to settle into place once ... read more..

Labour & Brexit - Shifting Sands

Policy Exchange, notionally non-partisan but in fact a broadly centre-right think tank, offered a platform last night to Professor Richard Tuck, the Newcastle-born political theorist based at Harvard.... read more..

Shoved Under The Carpet - Migration

The G20 Communique issued on July 8th has a standard issue policy on co-ordination and co-operation on displacement and migration. ... read more..

Public Sector Pay - Who Will Run The Tory Party?

The policy squabble over public sector pay within the Tory Cabinet might confuse some observers. ... read more..