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Looking Behind The Media Mirror

The recent intense debate about 'fake news' is misleading. ... read more..

Robots R Us

We dropped in on Google's Campus London last night for a series of short talks on the theme of robots versus humanity. ... read more..

The Fears of Atlanticists

The arrival of Donald Trump on the world stage has thrown the proverbial cat amongst the liberal pigeons but liberal here includes most of the European centre-right. ... read more..

Insurgents & The Stupid Class

There have now been three successive hammer blows at a trans-national political class that had assumed that its tenure was eternal - Jeremy Corbyn's inside the UK Labour Party, Brexit inside the Europ... read more..

Government and Artificial Intelligence

This month the US President's National Science and Technology Council [NSTC] issued an important report on 'Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence'. ... read more..

The Soft Totalitarianism of Liberalism?

The demise of Nepszabadsag, a Hungarian independent centre-left print daily, took the Budapest intellectual community by surprise last week. ... read more..

The Last Trump

We are reluctant as outsiders to comment on the bloodletting in the 2016 US Presidential Election. ... read more..

Two Party Politics After The Revolution

British politics is settling down. The Conservative Party has a Leader who is twice as popular in the country as it is. ... read more..

Scotland The Quiescent?

A two week stay in any country is not going to be long enough to truly understand it but it can leave you with impressons that are going to be more reliable than the standard issue hysteria of the med... read more..

Looking Forward to The Autumn

There will be a break in postings from now until late September - a combination of holidays and new contract work - so it seems as good a time as any to look forward to the next year. ... read more..

The Spirit of the Olympics

The modern Olympics is a fruit of cultural hybridisation - of English imperial classicism and moral improvement, of Greek national assertion and of French anglophilia. ... read more..

The Travails of Labour

The British Labour Party may strike most business people as singularly irrelevant at this point in history. It is involved in a bitter civil war. It is widely believed that it is unelectable. ... read more..

The Problems of NATO

NATO was a collective security response by liberal capitalist democracies faced with the possibility of an opportunistic Soviet Union expanding beyond the spheres of influence marked out at Yalta. It... read more..

Back to the Future - British Foreign Policy Under May

The satirical war on Boris Johnson may have allowed the losing side in the June 23rd vote to let off steam but we may have missed the point that Britain's foreign policy changed across the board, not ... read more..

The Return of British Stability?

Overseas readers should be in no doubt. Brexit is now a policy that is as certain as anything can be in politics. ... read more..

How Economically Scared Should We Be?

'Project Fear' (the economic consequences of Brexit) now looks, to the embarrassment of Chancellor Osborne, somewhat overblown. read more..

Sore Losers and Economic Uncertainty

Last Monday we gave a short presentation to the Middle East and Migration Conference organised by the Initiatives of Change and Next Century Foundation. ... read more..

Why We Are Backing Leave

The popular vote whether to remain within or leave the European Union has been contested with unusual passion for the British in both old and social media. ... read more..

Sentiment Shifts to Leave - By a Margin

There is now no doubt that Leave has moved ahead in the polls. Betfair briefly gave Remain only a 55% chance of winning. ... read more..

June 24th - Business As Usual?

On balance, we still expect a Remain vote on June 23rd but we are far from sure about this. ... read more..

Thinking About 'Economic Crime'

The London Law Firm Mishcon De Reya invited us last night to a debate, one of a series organised by their International Fraud Group, chaired by Lord Evans of Weardale, former Director-General of MI5 f... read more..

Culture, Progress and Corporate Social Responsibility

We were invited on Saturday to an afternoon's conference on the intangible heritage of the Nubian Nile valley (currently split between Egyptian and Sudanese sovereignty). ... read more..

Brexit, Broad Space and Deep Time

Well under six weeks to go yet the public seem to be unenthusiastic about June 23rd. Both sides are almost neck and neck in the polls with around 14% undecided. ... read more..

Crisis Prediction - Anticipating Trouble Ahead

It is time to remind readers of what TPPR does. There are many very large agencies that offer crisis management services for large corporations. ... read more..

Stop-Gap Policy: Europe & the Refugees

According to the Financial Times this morning, the European Commission may tomorrow (Wednesday) propose a draconian penalty of 250,000 Euros per refugee where a member country refuses to share the ove... read more..

The Politics of the Panama Papers

One of the frustrations that business has had lately is in dealing with public perception of the 'tax question'. ... read more..

The Saudi Question

After the Soviet Union collapsed, it became clear that Western analysts had known very little about how its system had actually operated. ... read more..

The English Question

This posting is not about the Brexit vote but about the United Kingdom. No, really! ... read more..

Brexit - The Vote That Will Settle Nothing

It is time to return to the Brexit issue with a very heavy heart. In the next few days, the Electoral Commission will decide which campaigns for Stay or Remain in Europe will get the designation that ... read more..

Journalism's New Business Model?

Journalists have been worried for some time about their jobs, not so much about being able to work at something but about how much they are going to get paid for it and how reliably. ... read more..