Engage! - New PendryWhite Web Analytics Add-On

Sister agency PendryWhite has introduced a new add-on audience engagement service for clients. Called Engage! it presents similar website data to those available through other web analytics tools but in a much more digestible and user friendly visual form.

The service is designed to provide more insight for clients who want to get a direct feel of how people are using their websites. It can handle specific campaigns and is particularly useful for tracking third party interest

Engage! is available as an add-on for PendryWhite and TPPR clients through a website or microsite that PendryWhite manages. It is not a replacement for Google Analytics, Google Webmaster or any other web analytics tool – all of which crunch data differently and have their own strengths.

But at the strategic level, it does help the general manager, adviser or executive to see what is happening with their web site in real time, presenting top line data in a more user-friendly and insightful way.

It is only available to clients and cannot be purchased separately as a stand-alone service. Campaigns are an add-on and are individually priced. The service is another part of PendryWhite's growing integrated issues and campaign management toolbox.

Visit PendryWhite to find out more about Engage! and other products and services.