The New PendryWhite

The primary focus of our sister company, PendryWhite, is support for web presence. Its core skills are in business communications. This includes management back-up for the set-up of new enterprises and crisis management for the smaller company and charities.

This month it re-launched itself with a tighter and more focused website that includes a number of case studies and a list of its services. Its traditional professional services orientation is still present but the new website focuses on reputation management online and offline for markets very different from those of TPPR.

It would be wrong to restrict the Company to the role of marketing agency. It has, since its inception, always had a ‘thinking/doing’ approach – that is, an ability to contribute to the strategic aspects of a brief but also an equal commitment to implement effectively where it has the skills (and to oversee other agents where it does not).

This revised positioning takes this approach one stage further by doing what all businesses should do periodically, focusing on what the Company does best and ‘dumping’ activities which are unprofitable, are clearly yesterday’s business or can honestly be done better by others.

The best business prospects now lie in online support for companies and advisers. Other than in crisis management (where the Company is regularly called on by smaller service providers to deal with the media), PendryWhite’s promotional media work has been pushed into second or even third place in favour of managing direct online and related communications.

Four of the website’s six case studies represent variants on this theme of ensuring that companies and public figures can create a direct cogent and credible dialogue with the public using today’s technology and top quality content.

These case studies cover very different areas - public and scholarly education, reputation management, professional services marketing and campaigning - but each has in common with the others the importance of speaking clearly and directly to the people who matter.

PendryWhite's latest projects have seen the world-renowned Schoyen Collection upgrade its web presence to make globally available a considerable part of its exceptional collection of manuscripts and, only this week, crisis management for a charity faced with a significant public relations issue.

There are further changes taking place at PendryWhite. Roger White, Managing Director, will become Chairman and hand over day-to-day control of the business to Jenina Bas in the New Year. PendryWhite will also be positioned as much more independent of TPPR so we will now only be one of its increasing number of clients.

There are other plans for collaborative relationships with non-competitive service suppliers and TPPR will no longer compete with its own sister on agency work, concentrating on what it does best – high level strategic communications consultancy, reputation risk management and political consultancy. You can reach PendryWhite through their own website but feel free to contact us for an introduction.


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